The Time is Now

New Information in the first two paragraphs:

 They are using threats to intimidate and control. For instance: 1) “An asteroid Apophis (which is Greek for the Egyption dragon/serpent Apep”) may crash into the Earth. 2) The particle accelerator at CERN Switzerland may cause the Earth to be transported into a Black Hole. 3) They can create Earthquakes and “natural” disasters. There have been recent Earthquakes worldwide. 

The truth is we appear to already be in a Black Hole. The Earth is inside a dome or biosphere of some kind, and Earthquakes or natural disasters can be prepared for. I would not be intimidated by any of it. IMO the time is now.

The Mind Uploading program I see into is in a dome shape in the sky and underground. The alien/demons are encasing the Powers in the clouds in a hardened substance. They can make and vanish “clouds” in an instant. They are destroying wildlife wherever they see it and they are downing planes.  It appears that the insect types are in charge, they are out of control, and they are deeply dangerous. They covet the human form and will do anything to get inside a human. I suggest at least 10,000 cybertronic soldiers in the U.S. alone with this program downloaded. They are expert at imitating voices, relaying mis/disinformation to government sources, in ongoing attempts to impede communication.