Dependency on the Sun and inside a Planetary Quantum Mind Uploading Computer?

DOWNLOAD FROM QUARRANTINED LOCATION   – The enemy are reportedly body scanning people into a quantum computer system as an adjunct to their ability to mind-upload. (My body was scanned in 9 years ago. I’m contemplating a lawsuit based on my diminishing form). They have the ability to not only mind upload anyone but they can insert themselves into the mind of the “host” resulting in what appears to be a take-over from within. Identity theft is rampant and they were recently caught interfering with communications via satellite dishes in the neighborhood.

There is a lawsuit currently pending against Homeland Security for violating peoples privacy after implementing body scanners in airports. . I would not trust normal governmental sources.

This web page is monitored by the enemy. Based on this I would recommend that all parties wear full bodily protection.  This is my video of what appears to be an insect form over a helictoper – filmed in San Diego County, in the city of Imperial..

They are also duplicating copies of web pages inside my computer in order to make changes. Just pull it out of the computer you’re using. The newly identified enemy are heavily using wire everywhere both for energy to attack and to enclose buildings, mountains, traffic lights within.


 I just discovered that the enemy has been using next door neighbor to the souths satellite dish to connect to the pseudosun. I assume that’s to interfere with communications. The latest group travel on pulley’s across the sky and under the ground. They have been inserting a circular object into my computer to interfere with the signal as well. I just took out a dozen or more by introducing copper mesh into the field. They were aggressively interfering with airplanes today and turned several around.

I see into a quantum mind-uploading computer. I used to believe I was the onlyperson impacted by this program. That has now changed. When I take the outer layer off of a form -mountain, building … a net is over these objects. I was told that a net was placed over the planet and within the net is a quantum computer which is used to manipulate the physical environment and to create a simulated reality. If you find yourself closed in somewhere, cut the field where it once was with scissors. If your computer does not work, cut the field inside and around the computer. Ido this all of the time and it works. If you feel that you are being attacked internally, use a blow dryer or vacuum to run them out. * We might also be in a World Mind Uploading program. The enemy can scan in the minds of others fairly easily. This might be able to be beat by wearing mylar or an aluminum type substance around the head area, include the body as well because the body can be targeted by this quantum computer. Consult with an expert. Just discoveredcountless “forms” in my area attached to the “spiders.”

As has been proven by my videos, the “Sun” is not natural but appears to be an artificial creation which I believe is alien in origin. There have been millions of $ in grants given to cities to build solar panels which convert sun energy into electricity. I would beware of this out of concern there are efforts to make us dependent on the Sun. This dependency might serve as opportunity to threaten – as in cooperate or they’ll withdraw the light source – or they might be trying to gain access (read attack) via the Sun. See article about grants at the end of the page-