Report about findings to date in San Diego County

We are in an artificial biosphere. The ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’ are artifacts – apparently made by the aliens – These are not planets or stars. We cannot see any stars in San Diego County. They have placed a tight net around the County. Inside this net is a quantum computer program; I am told there are multiple nets around the planet –  I would assume as a working hypothesis that these too house a similar program. The enemy are fanging the sky, mountains, buildings – and people from an angle – top and bottom in multiple places as this diagram shows. They are making planes disappear and they seem to have control over the airports. They can create simulated realities, send people into strange spaces, and they are attacking the public en masses – unknown to them. They can teleport and ‘time travel.’ They go into the top of peoples heads or into their rectums as these ‘aliens’ inhabit toilets. I’ve seen a child pulled off a mountain into the field and then disappear. They routinely remove astral bodies. They pull animals into this field and also make them disappear. I’ve seen their helicopters fly into mountain tops. This is Armageddon – they also tell me this – and they are intent on spiritually and physically killing life on this planet, after which they will sometimes inhabit the victim’s body. As previously written they are adept at identity theft and will take over communications by fraud. Because of the Good vs. Evil war that is occurring, they have managed to access grand spiritual beings via this program and believe they derive power from torturing them nightly – for the past 10 months. You would cry at knowing their identities. We need help desperately – they can’t hold on for much longer, but please, wage a very smart war.

Because of the demonic nature of the enemy the results are dire if anyone is caught. Some of the perpetrators have been Mind uploaded and have been ‘killed’ but have not been allowed to die. The process is called “revivication” – or a zombie-like affect – which has resulted in much crazy behavior among the perpetrators.

How to avoid being caught: This war is best fought from a remote location. I would not participate in Mind Uploading because of its potential for misuse. Others in this program (NASA) have stated they were mind-scanned into a program but were then abandoned. My advice is to access this program from a remote, completely quarantined location, not be in real time, and don’t send in anyone physically. If anyone wants to travel, don’t fly via plane. Planes are routinely taken down in my area as the picture below describes. Soldiers should be cybertronic for physical protection (as the enemy can access the interior of the body) and the mind safeguarded so it is not scanned in – consult experts in mind uploading – but I would be careful with these people as I believe the agenda to mind upload in most cases is an evil one.

One group of aliens are telepathic- Try copper, lead, radio interference … Be careful with verbal communication because the enemy can trace voices. If anyone wants to communicate to me via this program, perhaps completely untraceable recordings can be made and transmitted later. If anyone wants to hear what was said, try recording it remotely and listening to it later. I report it frequently, almost daily. I talk out loud, I write, type – because of computer -brain interface I can also speak via my electronic keyboard. The androids (who appear to have taken over Google) are adept at computers so other means of communicating might be needed. They can scan the eye or retina in via computers and the internet. Don’t let your image be seen in your computer system – even a reflection – and disable web cam. I put a grey film underneath may web browser and then launch multiple browsers on top of each other at varying angles. This confuses them. I have virtual? web browsers with each browser capable of their own communication potential.

The aliens (Orions) or demons are in many forms. The public in general is on mind control and, thankfully, are not aware of any of this. Their pupils are either very small or extraordinarily large, or lately, diamond shaped.

I have been very successful at combating them. They are _easy_ to exterminate. Top 20 techniques will be posted later this week. The quickest method of eliminating them are cutting the field with stainless steel scissors, and clear celephane – type plastic to cut and clean the field. They cannot abide cleanliness in the field and stainless steel frightens them.

Here’s a picture of what they are doing to the sky – just turn it sideways skyalien and skyalien2.