“Clash of the Titans.” The Underworld Monsters Re-emerge. The Olympians Return

The religious history of this war has been traced backto these Gods and and a snake god named Typhon and his consort who has repeated his thousand year old evil agenda to destroy mankind and try to harm the against Ancient Benevolent Gods who stopped him a thousand years ago.

The Temple of Set mentions Typhon in their belief system. The TOS is one of the organizations that targeted me. The word typhontransposed is python. Typhon. He and two lethal females are  here and operating  out of one of these quantum computers and placing “astral” snakes in this program which are hurting others. We need people to run interference. If you see them placing substances over objects, please try to remove them. The newspaper reports that there is an epidemic of pythons in Florida and in Indiana. Interestingly, and associate of Michael Aquino’s by the name of Tannith Tyrr is a Herpetologist, last known to be working at a zoo in Florida, and she specializes in lethal snakes.

My medical condition is continuing to rapidly deteriorate by those operating quantum computers. Every bodily system has been attacked. I’m hoping to document this condition soon. If I can’t I’ll have an associate reporton this web page for me.

yMy entire body will soon be eheld together with a band aid.