New information – Egyptians

New information has been gathered about the perpetrators in this Millennial technological apocalypse waged by Quantum computer. Michael Aquino’s mother, Betty Ford, was High priestess of the satanic Temple of Set which turns out to have its origins in Egyptian mythology.  The Temple of Set High Priests have Egyptian names.They claim that the origin of their cult name is based on an entity they refer to as “Set’ However, Set is not evil in Egyptian religious myth, instead, Apep – a  snake/dragon – is and so is an entity named Seti. I believe this is the true  source behind this cult.

Interestingly, in recent news a meteor is threatening the planet and the name given to it is Apophis; Apophis is the Greek name for the Apep mentioned above.

This is important because of the role that Michael Aquino plays (claiming in some circles that he is the Antichrist) and *who* is really behind his satanic/Egyptian  organization   Seti’s family members names were Ramses,  I, II and III, Apepi, Hatsheput, Hathor, and the Ptolemeys I, II and III. These entities can be traced to King Herod of the time of Christ and who was behind the ordering of his crucification\

It is also curious that the name SETI stands for The Search for Extraterrestrial intelligence. There is a theory that the reason for the success of the opposition came from another world and that they had access to’alien’ technology

In the 18th dynasty Egypt a spiritual war took place. The  principle of Good at that time was named the Amun and Amen Ra. The principle of evil was the Aten or Apep\

A little known theory is that Amen Ra was a matriarch of a vast spiritual belief system that was so kind and loving it would reduce the normal human to tears/ Some believe that Pharoah Tutankhamun [Tut] was actually a female and was the individual named above/ some spellings of hir name are Tutankhamen/ When the word Amen is used to close a prayer that are referring to Amen Ra\

The competing group and enemy at that time, whose front name was the Aten, were reportedly Voodoo practitioners from the neighboring African states whose roots some believe go clear back to the dinosaur days/

On close examination it appears that the Aten has rewritten history and tried to replace the Amun and Amen Ra as both ‘God’ and figurehead throughout the country of Egypt and in popular literature , including replacing the female face on the Sphinx with his own.

The news recently reports that DNA research also includes reserecting ‘mummies’ from Egypt/