The role of Egyptians foes in Armageddon

New information – Egyptians

Part II

On close examination it appears that the Aten has rewritten history and tried to replace the Amun and Amen Ra as both ‘God’ and figurehead throughout the country of Egypt and in popular literature , including replacing the female face on the Sphinx with his own   The original can be found in Las Vegas at the Luxor hotel which uses Egyptian motifs as its hotel design.\

Additionally, If one examines the famous statue of Nefertitti in some publications, the face looks more and more like a homosexual using badly applied makeup/

The news recently reports that DNA research includes resurrecting ‘mummies’ from Egypt. Coincidence? Not such a coincidence considering that during Armagedon, theoretically, all life is at stake. For instance, the Genome project.  Based on supercomputers the structure of DNA was discovered. The results were then made public and, according to web pages, was available to the general public  Then came comparable research about the origin of plant life and animal life .

There is a concern that  Genetic Research might take place, leading to an unnatural outcome  unless there are  specific laws curtailing it.In 2008 there was an attempt to outlaw this type of research but there appears to be no clear resolution, instead the controversy has been heard  sy the state level/ See Ohio and Arizona/

To be continued

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